Office: Head Office
Phil-GEPS Project Notice of Award Notice to Proceed Contract BAC Resolution Other Documents

Construction of Port Operation Building, Port of Babak, Samal, Davao Del Norte

Proposed Dredging of Surigao and Masao Port, Northern Mindanao

Proposed Dredging of the Ports of Pio Duran, Castilla, Bulan, Virac, Tabaco and Jose Panganiban, Bicol Region

Proposed Construction of Port Operations Building, Port of Dumaguete, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

Procurement of Twenty Five(25) units of Bagage, X-ray Machines for PPA Management Offices

Procurement of Technical Services for the Conduct of Soil Investigation at Selected Ports (PACKAGE 8)

Consultancy Services for the Feasibility Study and Formulation of Master Plan at Selected Ports

Procurement of Twelve (12) Units of Body Scanner Machines

Construction and Offshore Installation of Aids to Marine Navigation at Ports of Tagbilaran, Tubigon, Tapal and Jagna, Bohol (Phase 1)

Procurement of Six (6) Units of Vehicle X-rays Machines for RoRo Ports

Procurement of IT Resources (LOT 5 - 136 Column 24 Pin Dot Matrix Printer)

Procurement of IT Resources (Lot 4 - Laser Printer with Wireless LAN)

Procurement of IT Resources (Lot 2-OEM Branded Laptop Computers)

Consultancy Services for the Proposed Port with Integrated Shipyard Facility

Construction of Passenger Terminal Building Port of Tagbilaran, Bohol

Construction of Passenger Terminal Building, Port of Catagbacan, Bohol

Procurement of IT Resources (Lot 1) - OEM Branded Laptop Computers (A)

Consultancy Services for the Conduct of Feasibility Study for the Proposed Panguil-Pagadian Waterway Project

Procurement of Integrated Seismic Accelerograph

Proposed Dredging of Bauan Port, Bauan, Batangas