PPA, employees’ union sign 3-year Collective Negotiation Agreement

NOVEMBER 23, 2017, MANILA—The management and the employees’ union of the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) on Tuesday signed a fresh 3-year Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) paving the way for symbiotic relationship and top caliber service from the agency.

The PPA management, represented by General Manager Jay Daniel R. Santiago and PPA employees’ union Pambansang Tinig at Lakas sa Pantalan (PANTALAN) represented by national president Emiliano M. Esparaguera, Jr., signed the 6th CNA agreement.

“This is a big development as this only shows the commitment of management to the welfare of its employees, who are the primary assets of the agency,” Santiago stressed.

“It likewise underline the desire of both parties to promote the principle of shared responsibility, ensure maximum productivity and employee discipline as well as guarantee career development, humane working conditions and security for the employees,” Santiago added.

PANTALAN national executive president Esparaguera, for his part, said the union recognizes that the success of the PPA corporate governance will redound to the best interest of its members.

“PANTALAN shall therefore exercise every effort to pursue the realization of PPA’s corporate vision, mission and corporate values,” Esparaguera explained.

The features of the new CNA include, among others, the shared responsibility of both parties in employee empowerment, merit promotion and selection and awards and incentives for Service Excellence; PPA and PANTALAN to jointly work for and exert all efforts to ensure the passage of legislative bills that will promote best interest of PPA and its employees; for PANTALAN to police its own ranks to promote discipline, efficiency, harmony, integrity, productivity and professionalism in the delivery of public service; for PPA to ensure the advancement of its employees and adopt a program for career pathing and succession of its employees.

Similarly, both parties also agreed to provide and maintain a Day Care Center at the Head Office or Field Offices for the children of employees, if necessary; provide summer job program for employees’ children to employable age, as maybe deemed necessary; PPA to invest in the physical wellness of its employees to ensure that all personnel are physically fit to work; provide a Grievance Machinery for the purpose of strengthening employer-employee relations and resolving conflicts at the lowest possible level in the organization.

“With this, we are expecting the highest quality of public service from all employees of the PPA,” Santiago stressed.