Philippine Ports Authority unveils new logo

29 JANUARY 2018, MANILA—The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) on Monday, unveiled its new logo in its bid to transform the agency into a more transparent, reliable and model corporate organization.

The new PPA logo got the nod of the Office of the President through the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

According to PPA General Manager Jay Daniel R. Santiago, the new logo will embody the vision of the PPA, which is to provide port services of global standards encompassing the three major islands of the country.

“The new logo underpins the commitment of the PPA to highest standards with vessel operators, cargo owners, port stakeholders, safety, environment, among others,” Santiago said.

The color Pantone Opaque Couché, sharp element of the logo is the North Star, which is a symbol not only of guidance and direction but also of stability and leadership. It denotes the Authority’s firm stand in the achievement of its Vision and Mission. This element also stands for the letter “P” in the PPA/Philippine Ports Authority while creating the image of a bollard; the Sun symbolizes economic improvement and progress of the country; the three waves stand for the waters of the 3 island groups in the country – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. It has always been the government’s thrust, through the PPA, to ensure interconnectivity between the Philippine islands through port development; the blue and red circle within the star symbolizes the globe which depicts PPA’s Vision “to have provided port services of global standards; the cargoes represent one of the basic functions of the PPA which is port operations.

This will be the third time the PPA will have a new logo in its more than 43 years of existence. The last time the agency introduced a new logo was during the time of the Joseph E. Estrada Administration.