Office: PMO Zamboanga
Phil-GEPS Project Notice of Award Notice to Proceed Contract BAC Resolution Other Documents

One (1) Lot Supply and delivery of Twenty-one (21) Units Cabinet made of steel and heavy duty for  PPA, PMO-Zamboanga.

Purchase Order of  One (1) Lot Supply of Labor and Materials for the Installation of 1 Line 50MM XLPE with accessories for the  restoration of power supply of PPA, PMO-Zamboanga (Negotiated Procurement-Emergency  Cases

One (1) Lot Supply of Labor only for the minor repair and maintenance services of office motor vehicles of PPA, PMO-Zamboanga from July 1 to December31, 2022

One (1) Lot Supply and Delivery of Various Materials for the Repair/Replacement of Floor Tiles at the Port Manager's Quarter and Lounge Room at the Office of the Port Manager

One (1) Lot Supply and Delivery of Purified Drinking Waiter in Round Containers and Bottled Water for PPA, PMO-Zamboanga from July 1 to December 31, 2022

Supply of Labor, Materilas and Equipment for "Repair/Extension of Engineering Services Division (ESD) Field Office, Port of Zamboanga, Zamboanga City"

One (1) Lot Supply and Materials for the Fabrication and Installation of Office Cubicles/Partitions at the Conferences Room for Use of the Administrative Division Personnel of PPA, PMO-Zamboanga

Construction of Tictabon Community Port, Brgy. Tictabon, Tictabon Island, Zamboanga City

Construction of Dita Community Port, Brgy. Dita, Zamboanga City

One (1) lot Provision of Snacks and Packed Meals for Various Meetings and Conferences of PPA, PMO-Zamboanga from June 1 to December 31, 2022

Supply of Labor, Materials and Tools/Equipment for Emission Testing of Two (2) Units Air Pollution Source Equipment (500 kVA "Nigata" Diesel Engine/Generator Set and 853 kVA "Cummins" Diesel Engine/Genrator Set) at Pot of Zamboanga, Zamboanga city

Supply and Delivery of One (1) Set Outdoor LED Wall Billboard Display at PPA, PMO-Zamboanga

One (1) Lot Provision of Freight Shipping services for PPA, PMO-Zamboanga  from March 21 to December 31, 2022

One (1) Lot Provision of Snacks and/or Lunch for various meetings and conferences of PPA, PMO-Zamboanga from march 16 to December 31, 2022


 One (1) Lot Trouble Shooting of Two (2) Units Baggage X-Ray Machine (BXM) with Serial Numbers 6165210 & 6165212 of PPA, PMO-Zamboanga 

One (1) Lot Supply and   delivery of Twenty (20) Units Shelves, Heavy Duty and Size: 60cm x 200cm x 200cm

One (1) lot Supply of Labor, Materials and Tools for the Fabrication of Conference Table, Modular, Fourteen (14) Seater made of plyboard with Fourteen (14) Units Ergonomic Chair for use of PPA, PMO - Zamboanga

One (1) lot Supply and delivery of twenty (20) Units Leatherette High-Back Executive Chair,Heavy Duty, Ergonomic for PPA, PMO-Zamoanga

Repair of Quay 2-3 (Damage Concrete Slab, Curtain Wall, Paving Blocks and Concrete Curb), Port of Zamboanga, Zamboanga City

One (1) Lot Supply and Delivery of Three (3) Units Refrigerator, 2-Door, No Frost, Inverter and 10 Cubic feet for use of PPA, PMO-Zamboanga