PPA slashes rates for PTO applications for transport providers until end of 2021

06 NOVEMBER 2021, MANILA—The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) is reducing the processing fees for all Permit To Operate (PTO) applications filed by transport service providers before the end of the year to ease the burden on the providers as the economy transitions to the ‘New Normal’.

The reduced processing rates, embodied under Administrative Order No. 06-2021 signed by the PPA General Manager on 28 October 2021, and applicable in all PPA-controlled ports nationwide, offer a discount by as much as 66% for a 1-year PTO application; 52% cut for a 2-year PTO application; and a 33% reduction for a 3-year PTO application.

However, the processing fee for the issuance of an Accreditation Certificate shall remain at P3,000, the AO showed.

“This is our gesture of cooperation and assistance to the transport service providers at our ports during these trying times,” said PPA General Manager Jay Daniel R. Santiago.

“With this, we also expect to incentivize more transport service providers to comply with existing PPA rules and regulations in order to continue transacting with the ports to maximize the opportunity brought about by the run-up to Christmas,” Santiago added.

The processing fee for PTO issuance for transport service provider will revert to the old rates starting January 1, 2022 for all options.

The following are the requirements for a PTO:

1. Duly filled-out application form with Omnibus Statement;

2. Articles of Incorporation/Partnership (for corporate partnership)

Certificate of Business Name Registration (for sole proprietorship)

Certificate of Registration (for cooperative);

3. Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) for existing entities; and

4. Proof of authorization like secretary’s certificate (for corporation, partnership or cooperative)

Authorization letter signed by the Sole Proprietor (for single proprietorship).

A PTO needs to be in valid and in order as it authorizes the service provider to perform or provide services inside PPA ports including harbors, fairways, and extensions to ensure that port service providers in ports under PPA’s jurisdiction comply with the health, safety, environmental and operational requirements of the port or ports where the services will be rendered.

This also enables the PPA to monitor, supervise and direct the activities of the port service providers while inside the port as well as maintain a pool of qualified service providers to ensure continuous provision of adequate, safe, and reliable port services to port users.