PPA scores big in latest survey, continues to veer away from 'corruption' tag

24 FEBRUARY 2020, MANILA—For the second straight year, the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) scores big in the annual port user’s satisfaction survey particularly on the aspect of integrity.

The 2019 survey conducted by the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) involving the various port users nationwide showed that respondents to the survey gave the highest satisfaction rating of 4.43, equivalent to Very Satisfied, to the integrity of the PPA on top of its port facilities and services rendered.

DAP conducted the survey as the Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG) requires that a third-party should carry out the analysis so as to maintain the credibility and objectivity of the result. The questionnaire used in the survey was likewise designed by the GCG.

In 2018, PPA has a satisfaction rating of 4.40, which is also equivalent to Very Satisfied. Both reviews follow the same scoresheet wherein 5 – Very Satisfied, 4 – Satisfied, 3 – Neutral/neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, 2 – Dissatisfied, and 1 – Very Dissatisfied.

Port users, meanwhile, are composed of passengers, shipping lines, trucking groups, logistics service providers as well as PPA concessionaires like cargo-handling operators and ancillary service providers, among others. A total of 2,519 survey samples were gathered in 2019 representing all ports nationwide.

PPA General Manager Jay Daniel R. Santiago is very ecstatic upon learning the result of the latest survey particularly because he was the one who instituted a paradigm shift in the overall operational thrust of the agency.

“Apparently, the changes we have implemented in 2016 when the new administration came in led by President Rodrigo R. Duterte and Transportation Secretary Arthur P. Tugade continue to bear fruit,” Santiago said.

“You can never really go wrong if you put high regard on integrity and accountability in public service. From being branded as one of the corruption hotspots in government, the PPA is now veering away from that tag,” Santiago stressed.

“As long as we continue to work together and continue to police our own ranks, fewer and fewer people will experience extortion and any sort of corruption in PPA ports,” Santiago added.

Aside from integrity, the respondents are also very satisfied with the port facilities, which are being continually maintained and improved by the Philippine Ports Authority, giving a satisfaction rating of 4.36. In 2018, the same satisfaction rating was also achieved. The port facilities include the Passenger Terminal Buildings, the cargo yard, marshaling areas, berthing facilities, warehouses, and cargo-handling equipment, among others.

With the different port rehabilitation and modernization projects currently being carried out by the PPA encompassing all ports nationwide, the satisfaction rating for its facilities is expected to greatly improve next year.

Meanwhile, in terms of services rendered, satisfaction rating is at 4.25, maintaining its 2018 ‘very satisfied’ level

“With only 800 plus days left in the term of the current administration, PPA is committed to work double-time to improve more the delivery of its port services, modernize facilities and eliminate corruption gearing towards the goal of prioritizing comfort, reliability, and convenience not only to our sea-traveling public but to all the stakeholders in the ports,” Santiago said.