PPA deploys new port police to key ports nationwide

23 OCTOBER 2019, MANILA—Upon completing and passing the rigorous port police training, the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) will be deploying newly graduated port police officers to different ports of the PPA ahead of UNDAS 2019.

The 80 port police officers will augment the existing port police force in securing the safety, security and comfort of the sea-traveling public in all PPA ports nationwide.

PPA General Manager Jay Daniel R. Santiago, in his speech during the graduation ceremonies held on Monday, urges the neophyte port police officers to stay true and loyal to their sworn duty with the safety and security of life in ports as its main objective.

“Ports serve as our gateways to progress both internationally and locally, and it is a must that these ports function normally and efficiently in order not to disrupt the delivery of service to our people,” Santiago said.

“With the continuous threat of terrorism, all of you as port police officers are the first line of defense in securing these vital transport installations from lawless elements,” Santiago stressed.

“With your initial training and the succeeding trainings that you will have from qualified local and international partners of the PPA, it is without a doubt that you will all be capable in carrying out this objective,” Santiago added.

As of today, there are about 115 ports under the jurisdiction of the PPA and the port authority will continue to hire and deploy additional personnel to complement its existing port police force.

PPA is likewise keeping its security strategies up by equipping all the officers of the PPA Port Police force with proper law enforcement techniques from notable institutions like the United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).

The state-owned agency is likewise in the process of aligning its security processes to the constantly evolving local and international port security measures and protocols.

It is also strictly implementing the provisions of the International Ships and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code in all international ports under the PPA to guarantee compliance to standards.

Its localized version of the Port Safety, Health, and Environmental Health System or PSHEMS, a pet project of the PPA, has likewise called for a well-capacitated port police force to fully implement its provisions.

“We will never compromise the safety and security of our ports,” Santiago said.