Mission, Vision, Mandate, Core Values, Strategy Map & CSR Statements


   1.Provide modern, sustainable, and resilient port infrastructures and facilities.
   2.Provide responsive, reliable, and efficient port services.
   3.Promote a regulatory framework that is transparent, fair, and relevant to the needs of all stakeholders in pursuit of a national port development program.

      By 2030, the Philippine Ports Authority, as part of an integrated transport and logistics system, shall have provided port facilities and services at par with global best practices and a port  regulatory environment conducive to national development.
      "To establish, develop, regulate, manage and operate a rationalized national port system in support of trade and national development"
    T ransparency

      R eliability

      I nnovation

      P rofessionalism

      S ustainability

      S ocial Responsibility


As a leading GOCC, PPA continues to work towards upholding the highest standards of corporate governance by simply being a responsible corporate citizen, This entails (i) developing and operating ports that cater to the needs of local and/or global clients in accordance with best practices and state-of-the-art technologies, (ii) promoting the growth of communities by linking them to the mainstream of economic activities, (iii) establishing fair and equitable business relationships which are beneficial to both port stakeholders and the government, and (iv) uplifting the lives of its employees by giving them a work environment that is conducive and offers opportunities for career advancement.