Feedback and Redress Mechanism

Please let us know how we could serve you better through:

  • Accomplishing our Feedback Form and dropping the same in our Suggestion Box/es (see Annex “A”).
  • Sending your feedback electronically through
  • Approaching our Officer of the Day or our Public Assistance and Complaints Desk in any of our PPA Offices.

Feedback Forms and email addresses are available, as follows (or refer to the attached PPA Directory)

 PPA Responsibility Center

PPA Email Address/

Hotline Numbers



 - For questions/comments

(02) 527-8356

 - For Official inquiry




 Manila/Northern Luzon


 - PMO NCR-South

 (02) 525-5264

 - PMO NCR-North

 (02) 244-2612

 - PMO Northern Luzon

 (072) 607-4607

 - PMO Bataan/Aurora

 (047) 244-6936

 Southern Luzon


 - PMO Batangas

 (043) 723-0164

 - PMO Marquez

 (042) 717-3289

 - PMO Mindoro

 (043) 441-6671

 - PMO Bicol

 (052) 482-0183

 - PMO Masbate


 - PMO Palawan

 (048) 434-5626



 - PMO Panay / Guimaras

 (033) 337-6945

 - PMO Northern Oriental / Siquijor

 (035) 4225-6121

 - PMO Eastern Leyte / Samar

 (053) 321-6704

 - PMO Bohol

 (038) 501-8969

 - PMO Northern Occidental / Bacolod / Banago / Bredco

 (034) 441-1402

 - PMO Western Leyte / Biliran

 (053) 832-1815

 Northern Mindanao


 - PMO Misamis Oriental  /  Cagayan de Oro

 (088) 324-1591-92

 - PMO Lanao Del Norte / Iligan

 (063) 221-1346

 - PMO Agusan


 - PMO Surigao

 (086) 826-5233

 - PMO Misamis Occidental / Ozamiz

 (088) 521-1538

 - PMO Zamboanga Del Norte

 (065) 213-6594

 Southern Mindanao


 - PMO Davao

 (082) 235-2564

 - PMO Zamboanga

 (062) 991-2037

 - PMO Socrsargen

 (083) 552-4484

  - PMO Cotabato

 (064) 421-1205

Suggestion boxes are located at conspicuous places at the different PPA Offices


The PPA Citizen’s Charter shall apply to all external clients of the PPA affected by the delivery of frontline services in all PPA Offices nationwide. 


The following terms as used in this Charter are defined as follows:

  1. “Authority” refers to the Philippine Ports Authority
  2. “Port District” refers to the territorial jurisdiction under the control, supervision or ownership of the Authority over an area (land or sea), declared as such in accordance with Section 5 of Presidential Decree 857 including but not limited to any Port within said District
  3. “Port” refers to a place where ships may anchor or tie up for the purpose of shelter, repair, loading or discharge of cargo, or for other such activities connected with water-borne commerce, and including all the land and water areas and the structures, equipment and facilities related to these functions.
  4. “Pier” refers to any structure built into the sea but not parallel to the coast line and includes any stage, stair landing place, landing stage, jetty, floating barge or pontoon, and any bridge or other works connected therewith.
  5. “Vessel” refers to any ship or boat, or any description of a vessel or boat.
  6. “Goods” includes animals, carcasses, baggage, and any movable property of any kind.
  7. “Due” includes harbor fees, tonnage and wharfage dues, berthing charges, and port dues and any other dues or fees imposed by virtue of existing laws.
  8. “Rates” refer to any rates or charges including any toil or rent under existing law or imposed by the Authority.