Procurement Request

Head Office
Phil-GEPS Title Budget Remarks
Procurement of Services of Certifying Body for the Port of Batangas   600,000.00
Subscription/Supply of Newspaper 300,000.00
Lease of Venue with Meals for the Conduct of Port Executive's Conference 2020 (1st Quarter)   712,296.00
Lease of Venue with Meals Re Conduct of Module 8 UNCTAD Trainfortrade Port Management Programme (TFT PMP), Modern Port Management Course, Cycle 3 363,600.00
Procurement of Catering Services for the Conduct of Mandatory Continuing Legal Education 80,000.00
Supply and Delivery of Office Supplies (TonerCartridge) 848,332.50
Supply and Delivery of Personal Hygiene Supplies for Passenger Ports during Calamities   799,511.00
Minutes of BAC Meeting for Procurement of IT Resources
Minutes of BAC Meeting for Lease and Maintenance of Photocopying Machines
Supply and Delivery of Umbrellas 1,000,000.00
Supply, Delivery and Installation of Collapsible Utility Tent for Ferry Terminal 400,000.00
Supply, Delivery and Installation of 3 Toner Floor Standing Inverter Air-Conditioning Unit for the Collapsible Tent 500,000.00
Small Value Procurement of Various Office Equipment for the Port Management Office of Batangas 990,000.00
Supply and Delvery of Portable Toilets for Ferry Terminal 300,000.00
Procurement for Printing of PPA Port Rules and Regulations for CY 2018 181,000.00
Subscription/Supply of Magazine 133,000.00
Supply and Delivery of Five (5) Seater Gang Chair for Ferry Terminal 150,000.00
Supply and Delivery of PPA 2020 Calendar 800,000.00
Procurement of Services for the Conduct of Mandatory Drug Test   155,400.00
Procurement of Training Provider/Resource Person for the CY 2019 Advance Corporate Governance Training/Workshop 150,000.00