Procurement Request

Head Office
Phil-GEPS Title Budget Remarks
Printing of PPA Port Rules & Regulations 2016 225,000.00
PPA Port Safety Summit 2017
Preventive Maintenance of Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) 225,000.00
Supply and Delivery of Six (6) units Digital Handheld Radios 150,000
Advanced Corporate Governance Training/Workshop, Board Assessment and Board Meeting
Printing of PPA 2018 Calendar 585,500.00
Supply and Delivery of One (1) unit ID Maker Machine 365,000.00
Procurement for the Lease of Venue with Meals for the Advanced Corporate Governance Traning/Workshop
Finance Conference 2017Finance Conference 2017
Workshop on the Delivery of Non-Organic Training Specifically on Integrated Port Operations Course 48,000.00
Procurement of Resource Person for the Advanced Corporate Governance Training / Workshop
Supply and Delivery of LED Tube Lights (T8)
Supply and Application of High Strength Waterproofing Membrane on Concrete Roof Deck of PPA Head Office Building
Supply and Delivery of Office Supplies
Supply and Delivery of Office Furniture
Supply and Delivery of OCE Plotter supplies and consumables
Supply and Installation of Digital Conference System with Built-in Audio Recording and USB slot for recording meeting
Supply and Delivery of Shooting Equipment and Devices
Supply and Delivery of Office Supplies
Supply, Delivery, Installation & Commissioning of Environment Monitoring System for PPA Head Office Data Center