Procurement Request

Head Office
Phil-GEPS Title Budget Remarks
Supply and Delivery of Supplies for Calamities at Passenger Ports (MalasaKIT Pouch)   1,000,000.00
Procurement of Service Provider for the Conduct f Training on Cash Management and its Internal Control System and Updates on COA Regulations   405,000.00
Procurement of Catering Services for the 2020 PPA Budget Hearing 328,000.00
Supply and Delivery of Swimming Pool Maintenance Supplies   90,000.00
Supply and Delivery of Office Supplies (Ink and Cartridges) 995,000.00
Procurement of Service of Certifying Body for PMO Zamboanga 550,000.00
Catering Services for the Conduct of Data Analytics (Batch 1 - 4) 240,000.00
Supply and Delivery of DSLR Camera 200,000.00
Catering Services for Lean Management Seminar (Batch 2-4)   180,000.00
Procurement of Services Provider for the Conduct of Basic Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH) Training (Batch 1- 3) 315,000.00
Lease of Venue with Meals for the Conduct of Module 5 & 7 UNCTAD TrainForTrade Port Management Programme (TFT PMP), Modern Port Management Course, Cycle 3 624,075.00
Specification of Procurement of Semi-Expandable Items for PPATI and GAD. 362,500.00
Appraisal Services for various PPA Assets 525,000.00
Supply and Delivery of PPA Letterhead with 45th Anniversary Logo 1,000,000.00
Supply and Delivery of Office Supplies (400 pcs. Customized Document Binders) 120,000.00
Supply and Delivery of Dental Supplies 65,000.00
Lease/Rental of Equipment 98,000.00
Specifications for Supply and Delivery of Supplies (Portable Fan) 1,000,000.00
Supply and Delivery of Supplies (Housekeeping Items) 133,200.00
Supply and Delivery of Meals for PPA 45th Anniversary   450,000.00