Procurement Request

Head Office
Phil-GEPS Title Budget Remarks
Printing of the PPA's 50th Anniversary Coffee Table Book and Supplement 419,500.00
Procurement for Printing of PPA Port Rules and Regulations for CY 2022 and Conversion to CD in PDF Format 236,000.00
Procurement of Training Provider/Resource Person for the CY 2023 Advanced Corporate Governance Training/Workshop 150,000.00
Supply & Delivery of Various Wirings, Cables and Batteries for Building Maintenance (Repairs & Maintenance Office Building & Other Structure) 55,829.70
Supply & Delivery of Various Equipment (Repairs & Maintenance - Equipment) 200,277.00
Supply and Delivery of Various Plumbing Materials (Repairs & Maintenance - Office Building & Other Structure) 168,330.63
Supply and Delivery of LED Tube Lights for Electrical Maintenance Use (Repairs & Maintenance - Office Building & Other Structure) 509,183.33
Supply and Delivery of Generator & Airconditioning Parts (Repairs & Maintenance - Equipment) 355,649.09
Supply and Delivery of Circuit Breakers, Outlets and Electrical Wires (Repairs & Maintenance - Office Building & Other Structure) 154,149.37
Supply and Delivery of Janitorial Supplies 564,987.70
Supply and Delivery of Swimming Pool Maintenance 309,900.00
Procurement of a Training Service Provider for the Various Courses: Cargo Rigging and Slinging, Forklift Operations, Mobile/Vessel Crane Operation, and Handling and Securing Cargo Course 659,800.00
Procurement of Catering Services for the Conduct of PPA HR Conference for CY 2023 240,000.00
Procurement of Service Provider for the Conduct of Workplace Conflict Resolution Training 100,000.00
Procurement of Service for the Design, Layout, Manuscript Preparation, Copyediting and Proof Reading and Printing of the PPA Coffee Table Book and Supplemental 999,892.33
Procurement of Services of Certifying Body for the ISO-IMS at the Port of Batangas 950,000.00
Supply and Delivery of Janitorial Supplies 889,600.00
Procurement of Pest Control Services for PPA Head Office, Motorpool, PPATI, GAD Center and Records Storage Facility.   2,470,000.00
Supply and Delivery of OCE Paper 212,500.00
Supply and Delivery of Office Supplies 979,758.76