Procurement Request

Head Office
Phil-GEPS Title Budget Remarks
Procurement of Service Provider for the Transport of Mobile Shower Rooms from PPA Head Office to Various PMO’s 230, 000.00
Procurement of Service Provider for the Design Layout, Manuscript Preparation, Copyediting and Proofreading and Printing of the PPA Annual Report for CY 2020 1,000,000.00
Lease of Venue with Meals Re Conduct of Final Dissertation Review and Mock Oral Defense UNCTAD Trainfortrade Port Management Programme (TFT PMP), Modern Port Management Course, Cycle 3 170,000.00
Repair and Maintenance - Office Building & Other Structures (Exterior Re-Painting of GAD Center) 336,000.00
Procurement of Laundry Services for Philippine Ports Auhtority GAD Center and Training Institute Dormitory 593,800.00
Supply and Delivery of Car Accessories 313,000.00
Supply and Delivery of Port Police Uniform Paraphernalias (Ammunition) 270,000.00
Procurement of Various Office Equipment (Supply and Delivery of BAC Office Seating Package) 270,000.00
Procurement of Training Provider/Resource Person for the CY 2020 Advance Corporate Governance Training Workshop 150,000.00
Supply and Delivery of Port Police Uniform Paraphernalias (Poncho) 459,335.00
Repairs & Maintenance - Office Buildings and Other Structures (Vinyl Tiles) 543,670.00
Supply and Delivery of Single and Double Deck Military Spring Beds for TMO Capinpin, Bataan 989,135.00
Supply and Delivery of Bed Covers, Linens, Pillows and Pillow Cases 716,320.00
Supply and Delivery of Monobloc Tables and Chairs & PVC Trash Cans 243,000.00
Supply, Delivery and Installation of Air Conditioning Units at PPA Training Center, San Fernando, La Union 1,000,000.00
Procurement of Various Office Supplies for the 4th Quarter of CY 2020 550,000.00
Supply and Delivery of Cameras & Lights 750,000.00
Procurement for the Conduct of Virtual Training on Several Gender and Development Programs 189, 600.00
Supply and Delivery of PPA 2021 Calendar 385,333.33
Supply and Delivery of Eco Bag 150,000.00