Typesort descending Number Issuance Date Subject File
OMC 007-2009 Jul 03, 2009 Clarification Re Implementation of Prescribed Fees Under PPA Administrative Order No. 02-2009
OMC 001-2015 Jan 06, 2015 Approved Eight Percent (8%) Additional Increase in Cargo Handling (CH)Tariff at the Manila North Harbor
OMC 008-2009 Aug 27, 2009 Amendment to the Guidelines on Resumption of Direct Berthing Privileges (Controlled Free Pratique)
OMC 004-2013 Mar 11, 2013 Discontinuance of Submission of Bill of Lading as a Documentary Requirement in the Entrance/Departure Clearance Procedures of Quality Management System - Vessel Entrance and Clearance (QMS-VEC) Procedure Manual
OMC 002-2018 May 15, 2018 Revised Schedule of Cargo Handling Tariff at South Harbor and MICT
OMC 003-2015 Aug 27, 2015 Bagging/Rebagging Operations of Bulk Cargoes
OMC 009-2009 Dec 09, 2009 Second Tranche Increase on Cargo-Related Charges for Foreign Containerized and Non-Containerized Cargoes at South Harbor and Manila International Container Terminal (MICT)
OMC 001-2003 Apr 14, 2003 Use of Equipment Not Owned By Cargo Handling Contractors for Cargo-Handling Activities
OMC 004-2015 Dec 04, 2015 Revised Schedule of Cargo Handling Tariff at South Harbor and MICT
OMC 002-2003 Dec 30, 2003 New Stevedoring Tariff for South Harbor & MICT
OMC 001-2014 Jan 20, 2014 Establishment of Performance Security of Cargo Handling Operators (CHOs)
OMC 001-2007 Jul 03, 2007 Guidelines in Handling Flat Racks
OMC 002-2014 Jan 24, 2014 Amendments to PPA Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 13-2013 Entitled "Clarification of PPA of PPA MC No. 22-2004 on the Assessment of Wharfage on Empty Containers of Shippine Lines Engaged in Foreign and Domestic Trade"
OMC 002-2007 Jul 02, 2007 65%-35% Share on Cargo Handling
OMO 003-2014 Mar 04, 2014 Amendment to PPA Operations Memorandum Order (O.M.O.)No. 02-2014-Notice of Conduct of Origin Destination Survey, Port of Manila
OMO 004-2001 Nov 16, 2001 Guidelines for the Management and Operations of Parking Areas at the Expanded Port Zone (EPZ) PMO South Harbor
OMO 005-2001 Nov 22, 2001 Crane Productivity at South Harbor and Manila International Container Terminal (MICT)
OMO 001-2007 May 22, 2007 Applicable Cargo Handling Charges on Transit Export Cargoes
OMO 001-2019 Nov 14, 2019 Implementation of Automated Processing of Application for PPA Accreditation of Port Service Providers
OMO 002-2007 Jun 25, 2007 Implementation of the Megaports Initiative Project at the South Harbor and MICT for the Detection, Deterrence and Prevention of Illicit Trafficking of Nuclear and Other Radioactive Materials