Typesort descending Number Issuance Date Subject File
MC 017-2023 Oct 03, 2023 Relocation of Anchorage Grounds at Manila South Harbor
MC 022-2020 Jun 17, 2020 Guidelines on the resumption of work under the General Community Quarantine (GCQ) and Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) Periods
MC 003-2009 Mar 06, 2009 Amending Article 3, Section B, Item 3.2.3 of PPA Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 03-95 Re Collection of Applicable Port Charges On Foreign Vessels with Special Permit to Ply Domestic Routes
MC 016-1996 Apr 15, 1996 Executive Order No. 303 Entitled "Declaring and Delineating the Puerto Princesa City Port Zone Under the Administrative Jurisdiction of the Philippine Ports Authority"
MC 018-2018 Sep 11, 2018 Approved Upward Adjustment in Cargo Handling Tariff at the Port of Dapa, Surigaro del Norte
MC 013-2005 Oct 13, 2005 Adjustment in Cargo Handling (CH) Tariff
MC 031-1988 Nov 02, 1988 Value-Added Tax (VAT) on Port Related Services Rendered to Foreign Vessel
MC 006-2000 Feb 03, 2000 Revised Pilots` Boarding Statio (PBS) And Anchorage Grounds at the Terminal Port of Bacolod, PMO-Pulupandan
MO 007-2018 May 23, 2018 Activation of PMO-Masbate
MO 019-2023 Oct 06, 2023 Creation of Philippine Ports Authority-Passenger Terminal Building-Bulado Port Services (PPA-PTB-BPS) for the Management, Operation and Maintenance of the PTB Services at the Port of Bulado
MO 003-2019 Jan 23, 2019 Creating the PPA-Nasipit Port Services (PPA-NPS)
MO 008-2018 May 23, 2018 PMO-SOCSARGEN take over TMO-Cotabato
MO 008-2016 Jun 21, 2016 Restrictions on the Handling of Foreign Vessels and Cargoes by the Manila North Harbour Port, Inc. (MNHPI) at the Manila North Harbor
MO 002-2022 Mar 14, 2022 Clarification Guidelines on the Implementation of PPA Administrative Order (AO) No. 01-2022, Entitled "Omnibus guidelines in the Accreditation, Permit and Pass for Transport"
MO 009-2018 Jul 04, 2018 Guidelines for 8888 Citizens Complaint
MO 020-2023 Nov 06, 2023 Lifting of the Maximum Number of Harbor Pilots per Pilotage District
MO 021--2023 Nov 06, 2023 Revocation of PPA Administrative Order (AO) No. 10-2020 entitled “Reduction of Port Charges for Foreign Ships Deviating to Port of Capinpin, Orion, Bataan for Crew Change”
MO 004-2022 May 19, 2022 Creation of Philippines Ports Authority (PPA) Hilongos Port Services (PPA-HPS) for the Management, Operations and Maintenance of Cargo Handling (CH) Services at the Port of Hilongos
MO 022--2023 Nov 06, 2023 Revocation of PPA Administrative Order (AO) No. 09-2021 entitled “Grant of 50% Discount on Waste Reception Fee for Motor Bancas and Passenger/Cargo Vessels with Capacity of More Than 15 Passengers and Up to 35 Gross Tonnage (GT) During the State of Nation