For the 2nd Quarter CY 2016

NAME OF PORTS  & PROPERTY FOR LEASELOCATIONArea SizePrevailingIntended Use or Purpose
 BlockLot(sq.m.)Rental Rates 
  PMO Bataan/Aurora     
  Baseport/Port of Lamao     
     A.  Land1 6,619.2335.00  commercial operation
  Port of Capinpin     
     A.  Land     
          Unpaved area1 5,237.8035.00  commercial operation
             Paved area2 5,387.1735.00  commercial operation
     B.  Building     
         Field Office Bldg.1 83.20100.00Office Space
            DMTC Passenger Terminal Bldg.2 900.00100.00 
  Port of Dingalan     
     A.  Land     
            Paved area1 2,594.1035.00  commercial operation
     B.  Building     
          PTB1 263.7050.00 
  Port of Casiguran     
     A.  Land     
            Unpaved area1 2,807.3035.00  commercial operation
  PMO Lanao Del Norte/Iligan     
  Baseport/Port of Iligan     
     A.  Land12D25.6330.17  commercial operation
     B.  Building12001139.6426.44  commercial operation